[pmwiki-users] new default skin

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Thu Aug 11 12:41:48 CDT 2005

Hans wrote:
> Wednesday, August 10, 2005, 10:39:08 PM, H. wrote:
>>Long ago I learned that self-links are among the "top web design
>>mistakes".  They obviously bother me more than they bother most
>>I was using the Big Title Link  -- but only in lieu of the cancel
>>button on the edit page (on which the link wasn't self-referring). 
>>Something similar can be provided by modifying the Edit Form.
> I don't like self-links in the page content, since I expect a link in
> the page will take me somewhere else, or do something specific, like
> set a skin.
> But I do like the page title being a self-link, and I use it all the
> time as a convenient way to reload the page. The title does not
> suggest to be a link to somewhere else, but to be a title. So I am
> used to this extra functionality of being a big thing to click to
> reload the page.
> Anyway, just another way to look at it.

Self links have a very useful purpose when doing aggregate
content... esp. with a wiki.

Consider Book/Book:

(:include Chap1:)
(:include Chap2:)
(:include Chap3:)

Then Book/Chap1:

![[Chap1|Chapter 1 Heading]]

And Book/Chap2:

![[Chap2|Chapter 2 Heading]]

and so on.

HFox, I think the misapplication of self-links might be a problem,
but it's not worth of a "top website mistake" list (so don't
create one with that on it)... even if you think on is misused.
There's just too much lower hanging fruit to pick from for
a "mistake" list.... obviously, this is IMHO.

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