[pmwiki-users] blocklist on pmwiki.org

Wendell Brown wbrown at arkie.net
Thu Aug 11 07:20:19 CDT 2005

Hans wrote:
> Hi, Main.Blocklist on pmwiki.org seems  not to be working.
> Is there a working blocklist?
> Should the Blocklist not be in the site group?
> How do I stop  a link spammer in his tracks on pmwiki.org, when i see
> him in full action spamming page after page in front of my eyes?

I just did some looking through the log and it looks like the 
MTBlackList cookbook would have stopped most of that automatically.  :)

It gets updated lists of spammers automatically and blocks them based 
primarily on the URL they are trying to post (the url IS the goal after 
all).  It even works in ADDITION to blocklist!

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