[pmwiki-users] blank lines

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Tue Aug 9 11:23:44 CDT 2005

On pmwiki.org I'm experimenting with a modified markup sequence
that hopefully provides better handling of blank lines.   In
particular, markup like

    * One
    (:if false:)
    * Two
    (:if true:)
    * Three
    * Four

no longer displays with blank lines between the list items
(because there aren't any blank lines in the markup).  Previous
versions of PmWiki would generate blank lines where the (:if:)
directives are.

Essentially the rule becomes that only "true blank lines"--i.e.,
lines that start out empty--are translated into vertical space on
output.  Lines that end up as blank after processing directives don't
result in a vertical space.

Since this is a somewhat significant and tricky change in markup 
handling, it'd be very helpful to me if people could test this on 
pmwiki.org and identify any pages or markup sequences that seem
to break in this modified sequence.  If it works out okay I'll 
adopt the revised version for the next release.


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