[pmwiki-users] View modes

Bronwyn Boltwood arndis at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 00:51:13 CDT 2005

On 8/8/05, Hans <design at flutesong.fsnet.co.uk> wrote:
> Proposed view modes (values in a $ViewList array) are:
> stealth
> standard
> author
> admin

I'd thought to call standard "reader", but I can live with "standard".  :)

> Any views on views? :))

Here are my points on how they should work:

!Enabling views

- Views can be disabled entirely. 
	- In this situation, skins supporting views will fall back on the
standard view.
- Views can be enabled, but locked to a default view by the admin, and
the view switcher turned off.
	- This is so that the site can use a view other than standard from a
skin that supports views, but not allow views to be switched.
- Views can be enabled, and set to a default view by the admin, but
still allow switching.
	- View switcher is visible and usable.  
	- Admin can select the view most appropriate for most of the site's
users, so that users do not have to think about views if they do not
want to.
	- Admin can allow users who need or want a different view to switch
views, without inconveniencing most users.

!Switching views

- By default, the user must *choose* to switch the view.
	- The admin *could* write code that switches the view automatically
upon some condition or action, but should think really really hard
about whether this is a good idea before doing so.  It's one thing to
write yourself a macro, and another to make the site perform tricks
while the user isn't watching.
- A view switcher/indicator widget should always be visible if
view-switching is available to the user.
	- The widget should have links that switch to each available view.
	- The current view should be highlighted.  This could be done to a
list item via CSS.  For accessibility, there should also be a blurb
like "Current view: Author", so that people using older or text
browsers, screenreaders, and cellphones can tell what view they're in.
!Helping users

- Users shall not be forced to choose a mode before starting to use
the site.  This is not a Flash intro.
	- Instead, the admin can and should set a default view.
- It should be easy to switch back to the default view.
	- So there either needs to be a "back to default view" link, or the
site's default view should have (default) beside it in the list.
- By default, views shall not be switched behind the user's back.
- The user's choice of view (both current and default) shall be saved
for re-use.
	- This is probably easiest to do with a cookie.
	- A Site.Preferences page could also be used, at least for the user's
choice of default view.
I think that covers everything that isn't already in the Cookbook page.


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