[pmwiki-users] Re: Supporting different modes

Bronwyn Boltwood arndis at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 23:57:58 CDT 2005

On 8/8/05, Radu <radu at monicsoft.net> wrote:
> Say, how about using 'view templates' maintained as wiki files? They
> would be admin-protected and sort of like the Site.EditForm. I mean,
> we already have so much stuff in page format (SideBar, TopPage,
> Footer...) If we come up with the necessary markup to 'assemble'
> groups of pages named PmWViews.$View-$Element into something like
> PmWViews.$View, the current pmwiki mechanisms should be enough to
> give us full-fledged views...

I think we're better off with the skin templates for now, if only
because you can nest divs or tables, and it's easier to specify
substitute wikipages to slot in.  I'll be playing with it sometime
later. (read: maybe a week or three, on a guess)


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