[pmwiki-users] Question about moving a wiki from one host to another

Hans-Göran Puke hgpuke at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 16:59:05 CDT 2005

For reasons too complicated to explain here, I was forced to move my wiki 
from one webhost to another.
Because the existing host totally blocked any access to the contents, I had 
to work from a backup
that I had created using rsync over ssh.

What I did was to copy all the files from the backup to the new host and 
then change ownership on all files (including the directory) on wiki.d
to match that of the web-server.

Now everything seem to work as it should, EXCEPT pages that have Swedish 
characters in them, like RäkSmörgås.
For these pages, the references to them are references that will create new 
Trying to reference the existing pages explicitly in the URL bar does not 
Newly created pages containing Swedish characters work as expected.
To me this seems like a character set problem, however, I don't know where 
to look for the solution,
would it be in the configuration of Apache, PHP or pmwiki?

Any ideas, anyone?

Hans-Göran Puke, Sweden
http://puke.homelinux.com/hg/pmwiki/pmwiki.php (my new, temporary site. 
Expect it to be slow)
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