[pmwiki-users] Markup for a link to the homepage of a group?

chr at home.se chr at home.se
Sun Aug 7 12:56:25 CDT 2005


If I write [[PmWiki]] this will usually link to the page PmWiki.PmWiki.  
However, if a page called PmWiki exists in the current group it'll go
there instead... is there a simple way to force the link to the homepage
of a group? (Rather than writing [[PmWiki/PmWiki]]).

I'd like it if I could do this by writing one of these markups


so I'd like to make a recipe for this (unless there's an easy alternative
already). I'd actually be fine with always replacing [[/xxx]] with
[[xxx/xxx]], but it's nicer to make a more generally useful recipe. I 
would also appreciate input on a suitable markup.

I guess the algorithm should work like this?
* Check if xxx.xxx exists, if so link there
* Check if xxx.HomePage exists, if so link there
* Do the thing that happens when you link to a page in group xxx that
  does not exist.

The result of something like [[/PmWiki]] is that it seems to simply ignore
the leading '/', but the resultof [[PmWiki/]] is a bit .. surprising:


where '$Group' and '$Name' are literally there... see this page for



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