[pmwiki-users] Re: Re: more flexible page-sharing for farms

chr at home.se chr at home.se
Sun Aug 7 03:08:18 CDT 2005

On Sat, 6 Aug 2005, Bronwyn Boltwood wrote:

Let's try and (briefly) listing some problems (and ideas for solutions).

* How to handle AllRecentChanges. (Perhaps replace it with a new page
  called FarmRecentChanges, but it's not an ideal solution)

* How to handle locking? => Set lock dir to the same for all fields

> > What kind of problems do you have more specifically?
> So far they fall into two cases:
> - I need a default version of a page for sharing, but I also want a
> version for this field.
> 	- Site.Sidebar.  Want an admin-customized version with links to the
> documentation and configuration pages I use the most when working on
> the wikifarm.

Ok. Sounds like you really want an admin mode/skin, i.e. not necessarily 
related to farm sharing then? Or am I missing something?

> 	- Skin furniture pages, like Site.ActionList and Site.Footer.  Want
> versions customized for admin work (e.g. ?action=rename links)
> - I need a version for this field, but don't want to share the page at all.
> 	- Your other thread now has me mildly worried about what must be
> happening with the various recent changes pages.
> 	- I use Main.Linkdump to hold links to new pages for admin or testing
> purposes, which really shouldn't be seen in random fields...

Um... why would it be seen in random fields?  What groups are you sharing?

> I've only enabled the code for using the wikifarm's wiki.d for default
> pages in addition to wikilib.d.  I haven't enabled the code that, if a
> shared page is edited from some other field, copies the edited version
> back to the shared field. 

So basically you're using them sort of as a template directory then?

> I'm not sure how it would change the situation for the better, and I
> thought that I might want to have custom versions of certain pages in
> other fields.

Yeah, I've also considered that - it's a difficult choice.

> Now that my brain is turning over more rapidly, I see that there are
> creative possibilities for some (:includes:) and/or (:if auth admins:)
> here.

I wonder if we shouldn't see about introducing a general change to pmwiki
that emphasizes the different roles a "user" can take. Let's say there is
a mode for reading, a mode for authoring and a mode for administering.  
The very first time you go to a site you start in the reading mode, but if
you change mode, the last mode you used is stored in a cookie. I'll write 
this separately.

> Neither am I; it's just one idea for how to solve the problem I've got,
> because one of the first things I realized was that certain pages needed
> their sharedness status controlled at a page level, not a group or
> field/farm level.

I definietly agree with you here... it does bother me that I'm moving 
pages from Site/ to Field/ - that is for several of the pages just a 
workaround for the entire Site/-group being shared.


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