[pmwiki-users] Disabling teasers in the sidebar?

chr at home.se chr at home.se
Sat Aug 6 08:25:55 CDT 2005

Is it somehow possible to make teasers output as a normal list, i.e.  
without the teaser text?

The reason is that the site is structured with lots of pages called 
PageList that might look like this:


and in the GroupHeader, I place <<|PageList|>>. This (should) result in a 
a wiki trail at the top every page.

My problem is now that I'd sometimes like to place such a list of pages in 
the sidebar, but if I just do

	(:include PageList:)

I will get the teaser text as well...

So, is it somehow possible to make the teasers produce a different result 
when they are being processed in the sidebar?


Christian Ridderström, +46-8-768 39 44               http://www.md.kth.se/~chr

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