[pmwiki-users] audiences revisited or revised ???

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Fri Aug 5 10:19:47 CDT 2005

Henrik Bechmann wrote:

>>> There is already one (the Markup Master Index).
> Except there aren't hyperlinks for all the entries, giving details.

There should be. I once added hyperlinks for all the (:...:) markup, but 
didn't find the time to complete the task for the other markup.

>>> That's being done right now, I think...
> Is there control documentation for the documentation project?

Not sure what you mean, or whether it's needed.

I just meant that PmWiki has worked well by doing organisation and 
structure once it's clear that it's needed (and that's also the point 
where we have a good idea what kind of structure and organisation is 

Doing organisation first and work afterwards runs the risk of choosing 
an inappropriate one.


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