For the Sans-Serif [WAS: [pmwiki-users] FAQ Page Layout]]

Ben Wilson dausha at
Thu Aug 4 22:12:52 CDT 2005

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> Actually, the question has some margin-bottom added at the moment
> so I can get rid of that.  I was following the Firefox faq format.
> I'm also thinking I may want to switch to use a sans-serif
> font instead of the serif default.

I've read in various places that in print, the serif font is more 
helpful to reading. However, sans-serif is better for reading on screen. 
I suppose it has to do with the source of the lighting. That's why on my 
sites my body text is always sans-serif, and the headers (which are more 
typically sans-serif in print) are serif.


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