[pmwiki-users] Fwd: Why is the pmwiki ML so heinously active?

Henrik Bechmann henrik at bechmannsoftware.com
Thu Aug 4 13:17:47 CDT 2005


Certainly nothing wrong with the product, I completely agree with your 

I've seen a lot of mailing lists in my time <geezer talk>, and the 
variety and openness of this one in my view represents the health of the 
product, and bodes extremely well for the product's future.

Things will settle down when 2.0 gets released.

Then, I expect there will be a lot of work on that documentation thing 
to catch up, and upgrade. I very much hope to find time myself to 
contribute to that part of it when the time comes.

All the best,

and keep up the great work!

- Henrik

Henrik Bechmann
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Webmaster, www.dufferinpark.ca

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>Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 12:39:54 -0500
>From: "Patrick R. Michaud" <pmichaud at pobox.com>
>Subject: [pmwiki-users] Fwd: Why is the pmwiki ML so heinously active?
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>I received the following message off-list and answered it; but 
>I'm curious to hear others' opinions.  
>My opinion is that an active list is normal for a popular and 
>flexible package, that we're hoping to improve the traffic by having 
>better online docs, and that we're extra-busy lately as we push 
>to get PMWiki out of beta status.  I'm eager to hear of any 
>other views, though.

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