[pmwiki-users] something odd on the FAQ page - edit template bug??

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Thu Aug 4 12:29:37 CDT 2005

On Thu, Aug 04, 2005 at 10:25:01AM -0700, H. Fox wrote:
> > FAQ isn't a WikiWord, so it's treating just the "PmWiki" part as a
> > WikiWord link.
> > 
> > I'd say that we can either
> >    a. Leave it alone
> >    b. Force the backlink to always be a link in the EditForm
> >    c. Force the title to never be a link in EditForm
> > 
> > I'm open to any of the above.
> My two cents: It should be either b or c.  I prefer c over b.

I prefer c over b as well, but in looking at the EditForm
markup I'm not finding an entirely clean way to do it.  The
best I can come up with is

   !$[Editing `{$FullName}]

but I'm not entirely happy about that ` having to appear there.
Oh well, we'll go with that for now.


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