[pmwiki-users] LDAP / PAM Module

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Thu Aug 4 09:23:33 CDT 2005

H. Fox wrote:
> If you run Debian you can do
>     apt-get install php4-auth-pam php-ldap
> to install both -- at least I think so.  Those two packages exist,
> anyway.

Then they should be installable. (I happen to run Debian, and in my 
experience, packages generally install right out of the box and work as 

I also found a libpam-ldap package, which means Debian supports LDAP in 
PAM. In that case, you wouldn't need php-ldap unless you want to write 
to LDAP from PHP.

Good to know that the options are there - I might want to install them :-)

 >  Maybe other distributions have similar packages?

Likely. Debian is rather conservative, so when a package is included it, 
it's already been in most other distributions for a while.


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