[pmwiki-users] Feature request: tag system

Theron Parlin tparlin at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 08:43:53 CDT 2005

I think it would be a really great feature to add a tagging system to 
PmWiki. Let's say a new Cookbook page related to administrative tasks is 
created, when the new page is created or edited, people could add tags like 

[[tags: wiki, documentation, pmwiki help, administration, cookbook]]

This would generate tags for that particular page, each of which could then 
be clicked on to bring you to other pages related to that tag, etc... people 
could display tags, search tags, display tag clouds, etc. All the features 
you would find at Del.icio.us <http://Del.icio.us> or Flickr.

Just a thought.

Theron Parlin, Editor and Columnist, tparlin at thoughtmechanics.com -- 
Subjective Opinions on Political News -- http://www.thoughtmechanics.com
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