[pmwiki-users] Re: mailing list being funny

V.Krishn mistyfire at autograf.pl
Thu Aug 4 05:01:09 CDT 2005

On Thursday 04 August 2005 15:13, V.Krishn wrote:
> Hello,
> Today I had a series of mail from John Rankin <john.rankin at affinity.co.nz>.
> We were discussing on consider adopting the Dublin Core standard
> for the metadata associated with a wiki page.
> Though I do not posses extensive knowledge on RDF's and schema the
> discussion had given me plenty of insight into the available models and
> approaching standards. I hoped this could also spark some interest in other
> list-users.
> Incidently, the whole thread (save the last one) seems to have vanished
> from the pmwiki-users at pmichaud.com mailing list.
My apologies the thread in question seems to here at
http://pmichaud.com/pipermail/pmwiki-users/2005-August/thread.html but the 
definitive pattern of threading is haphazard.
I am gussing some Digest Volume being dropped by my mailer.
> Not to be acting over inquisitive, but is the mailing list being sensored
> or controlled, coz I had noticed this problem with some earliar mails too.
> I have also noticed plenty of other weird behavior like the mails directed
> to mailing-list and me reach the mailing-list but not me (I in this case
> presumed my mail server problem).
still holds
>   One other problem I noticed is jumbling of mails. I mean later dated
> mails occuring in the list earliar than the previous dated ones.
still holds :-)
> Or is it a server problem? or maybe some DNS not getting resolved properly?
> Regards
> V.Krishn

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