[pmwiki-users] file upload does not overwrite

Stephan Schildberg schildberg at scoid.de
Tue Aug 2 14:16:10 CDT 2005

>>Unfortunately again I have got this message:
>>Warning*: SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 68717 
>>is not allowed to access uploads/Bäder/WC_blau_waschtisch_seite.jpg 
>>owned by uid 109 in 
>>on line *189*
>What are the file ownerships and permissions of uploads/Bäder
>and uploads/Bäder/WC_blau_waschtisch_seite.jpg ?
>Since this problem just started occurring, is it possible that your
>system administrator has recently switched your PHP configuration 
>to be using safe_mode where it wasn't doing so before?  

My system administrator says this behavior was for the time being and if 
there*would* be a reason he says its more likely Apache itself.
Its not urgent for me this time, as I work on a non-group operated site, 
I'll see, when I upgrade creatures of my wiki-zoo.
Thank you.

>Nothing has
>changed about PmWiki's upload algorithm in a very long time.

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