[pmwiki-users] New Cookbook: RandomQuoteWiki

Christophe David pmwiki at christophedavid.org
Tue Aug 2 04:00:38 CDT 2005

Question : How can I display a random quote from a list stored in a PmWiki
page, and not from a flat file that I cannot access easily ?

Answer: Copy RandomQuoteWiki.php to the cookbook directory and add
include_once("cookbook/RandomQuoteWiki.php"); to config.php.

This script adds two markups (:RandomQuoteWiki_quote:) and   
(:RandomQuoteWiki_author:) that contain a random quote stored in a pmwiki
page (instead of a flat file that cannot be accessed by most users).

The quotes must be structured like

          <text>quote text 1</text>
          <author> quote author 1</author>
          <text>quote text 2</text>
          <author>quote author 2</author>

To use this script, simply copy it into the cookbook/ directory and add
the following line to config.php or a per-page/per-group customization


Then add something like
      || '''(:RandomQuoteWiki_quote:)''' ||
      || (:RandomQuoteWiki_author:) ||

in your wiki page.


Comments welcome.


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