[pmwiki-users] Commentbox and blocklist2 - not stopping the nasties froom getting through

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Mon Aug 1 18:11:44 CDT 2005

On Tuesday, 2 August 2005 12:29 AM, K.A.Bouton <k.a.bouton at reading.ac.uk> wrote:
>Commentbox doesn't seem to pickup blocked items written in the cdommentbox -
>as I found to my unpleasant surprise this morning.
>If someone wants to spend that much time messing with my wiki - anything
>else I can do to prevent them? Is there a fix for commentbox?
This is just a guess, but you might try:

add the following line to your "local/config.php" file, preferably near the top.
    if ($action=='edit' || $action=='comment') include_once('cookbook/blocklist2.php');

>From the look of it, the blocklist2 script only loads when 
editing and posting a comment is not an 'edit' action.

Commentbox mimics pressing the 'Post' button on an edit form,
so depending on how Blocklist2 works, the 2 recipes might, with
a bit of luck, work happily together... Or they might not.
John Rankin

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