[pmwiki-users] Site.SideBar or Main.SideBar?

Benjamin Wilson ameen at dausha.net
Mon Aug 1 06:24:53 CDT 2005

Algis Kabaila wrote:
> Hi,
> First, I must apologise for not having read all the mail of this list.  There 
> has been a lot of information coming through in an ever increasing stream...
> When I create a new group, references to it invoke the Site.SideBar, rather 
> than Main.SideBar. That's fine, but I missed the plot: is the Site meant to 
> eventually replace Main?   Is it preferable to make links to the new groups 
> on the Site.SideBar, rather than the Main.SideBar?
> Thanks for your patience - I am sure that the answer to this question should 
> abvious - not for me, though...

I like to think of Site as being the place for site-related housekeeping 
pages (Site.EditForm, Site.AllRecentChanges and Site.SideBar). That way, 
the Main group can go back to being the main group for site-specific 

Of course, if you set $SiteGroup to 'Main,' then nothing will change. :-)


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