[pmwiki-users] Redesigning the edit page

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Mon Apr 25 10:40:47 CDT 2005

As mentioned in previous emails and on PITS:00358, I'm wanting to
redesign the page edit form.  In order to get proposals for how
the edit page should look, I've enabled a markup-based form at


On this page you'll find forms generated by wiki markup (instead
of configuring the $PageEditFmt variable as is done now).  I've
also put up examples of the markup that would be used to generate
PmWiki's current Edit Page form, as well as an example that
shows some additional buttons and capabilities that are being
proposed for the edit page.  I'm hoping that others will add
suggestions on what can be improved, proposal alternate layouts for
the edit form, and/or otherwise help us arrive at an answer
for this issue.

The (:ef:) ("edit form") markups are enabled for the entire Test
group on pmwiki.org, so feel free to start new pages for experimentation.

Notes about compatibility and for designers:
  - No, the elements aren't identified or classed for CSS yet -- but
    they certainly will be in the final implementation .
  - The $PageEditFmt variable will continue to work, so skins and
    customizations that set custom values of $PageEditFmt can
    continue to function as before.  (However, the default value of 
    $PageEditFmt will almost certainly change, so scripts that
    rely on the existing value of $PageEditFmt might not work.)
  - I'm not committed to using wiki markup for the edit form layout,
    but so far it looks quite promising.  

Anyway, please make comments, suggestions, or improvements to the
forms at http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Test/EditForm .


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