[pmwiki-users] Feature request: Action lists in skins

Bronwyn Boltwood arndis at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 12:11:13 CDT 2005

On 4/19/05, Joachim Durchholz <jo at durchholz.org> wrote:
>Bronwyn Boltwood wrote:
>>On 4/18/05, Joachim Durchholz <jo at durchholz.org> wrote:

>Note that I don't want skin authors to require an extended skill set.
>Also, placement and looks of action lists should remain with skin authors.

*settling down* This is sounding less intrusive and frightening than
it did when you first introduced the topic.  But who decides how the
actions are grouped?  The admin or the skin author?  (I can see good
reasons for each.)

>2) Describe the looks of each kind of action (available, unavailable,
>...). Uses a describe-by-example technique, i.e. skin designers write
>markup for some dummy action.

Most ways to display an action list require a wrapper, like a
<ul></ul>, and code between.  I can tell you're trying to account for
that, but I'd need to see an example to understand perfectly.

I'd have PmWiki apply ids or classes to the links as appropriate,
specifically on the active action and unavailable actions.  Often, the
entire action group will be wrapped in some tag with a class or id to
mark it, which serves for styling available actions.

>>>The black art here is to get the subdivision between function and
>>>form right. To design it in a way that constrains neither skin
>>>writers nor wiki administrators (nor recipe writers who write
>>>actions, I might add). It's an interesting problem, which is why
>>>I'm still behind it ;-) (that's not very different from your
>>>interest in skin design, I think - we both are interested in seeing
>>>how far we can take an idea, and how near to our ideals we can take
>>Ah, you wish to play with it.  This is making more sense now...
>Well, with an intention of making something that's worth the effort
>afterwards. This is a bit too large to do it for fun and for fun only.

Yes, but it explains why you haven't given up yet.


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