[pmwiki-users] Cookbook recipes and organization

Patrick Ogay lists at basel-inside.ch
Sat Apr 16 01:51:04 CDT 2005

 >but I am worried that we're unnecessarily
 >replacing some of the simple solutions with more complex units
 >where simple ones would suffice. Somehow I feel as though it would
 >be better to offer both approaches, with "See Also" links pointing
 >to the alternatives, than to replace existing recipes altogether.

Sometimes it's very hard to find the adequate recipe. It is very 
important that recipes are categorized and that the can be found easily  
by search (keywords in text).  I miss a bit a better description how to 
make a good coobook recipe.
It's very important to crosslink the recipes if there are more simple or 
similar ones.
There might be cases where it's resonable to merge the recipes - Chapter 
1 simple solution, Chapter 2 more complex, Chapter 3 variant solution 
and so on, so that a recipe covers a topic not just one solution. .

Nobody will write a recipe when it already exists and the most simple 
solution is the best!
It would be good when sombody  gives a hint, when recipes are obsolete 
bei pmwiki Version x or a recipe can be done in a easier way. 
What we basically need is a functionality. And recipes should be found 

** Writing, Adapting Recipes
Is it correct when adapting recipes for v2, recipes are copied from v1 
and adapted at the new place?
For guestbook and forum I havn't done that yet (at the moment I only 
inserted a chapter v2 in v1) .
It can be found by searching for  "guestbook v2" :-)

May be it is also possible to list the major differences for adapting 
the recipes to v2
I havn't found a dokumentation for developers, when a made the research.


Patrick Ogay

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