[Pmwiki-users] Dropdown menus?

Greg abotkals
Mon Nov 29 14:06:00 CST 2004

I recently learned about Mike Hall's "Revenge of the
Menu Bar" dropdown menus, which use JavaScript and
Cascading Style Sheets in such a way that you wind up
with a reasonably browser-independent, multi-level
dropdown menu.

Mike Hall's code, including demos of three variations
of the code, can be found at:


I was wondering if it might be possible to couple this
with the power of wiki to make dropdown menus that can
be edited in a browser.  A page consisting of a
multi-level bulleted list, for example, could be
rendered as a multi-level menu bar at the top of a
wiki page.  The following might represent the content
of a menu bar page:

* [[{{Main/HomePage}} Main]]
** [[{{Main/RecentChanges}} Recent Changes]]
** Main.SideBar
** Main.WikiSandbox
* [[{{$Group/HomePage}} $Group]]
** [[{{$Group/RecentChanges}} Recent Changes]]
** $Group.SideBar
* Stooges/MenuItem
** Stooges/Curly
*** Stooges/NyukNyukNyuk
*** Stooges/BuzzCut
** Stooges/Larry
** Stooges/Moe
* Main/SearchWiki
* {{Help}}
* PmWiki/PmWiki
** http://www.pmwiki.org
** [[http://www.pmichaud.com/ Patrick R Michaud]]

What do you think?  Does this seem doable?  I'm not
very knowledgeable about PHP, but I imagine that it
could be done.  Just curious.

Thanks in advance,


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