[Pmwiki-users] spammers - using a wheel that has been invented

Neil Herber nospam
Mon Nov 29 07:55:07 CST 2004

In the PHPBB2 system, they have a facility called "word censors". If a user 
attempts to post with a word that appears on the list, PHPBB2 substitutes 
replacement text. The word list and the substitutes are controlled by the 
administrator. Perhaps PmWiki could adopt this idea.

This does not prevent anyone from posting, but it does an on-the-fly text 
substitution, such that <http://bad.spammer.cn/> could become <spamlink 
suppressed>. WIldcards would be a bonus, such as <*spammer.cn*>.

A big advantage of this technique is that the spam links would never appear 
- not even in page history.


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