[Pmwiki-users] vspace paragraphs

Val Sharp val
Thu Nov 4 15:51:48 CST 2004

John Rankin, on 04.11.04 22:31, wrote:

 > ...
 > One defence might be that it opens a door to a new directive:
 >     (:spacer v=n:)
 > to control the amount of vertical space, if the need arises.

I was just playing with the idea of a new markup too ... one that 
signifies a mixed block (- translated into a DIV), where top and 
bottom margins between blocks are removed[1] until one gets to some 
end-of-mixed-block marker.

So all other blocks (P, OL, UL, etc) could be given back their default 
top and bottom margins, and maybe something like the (:spacer v=n:) 
could be used for just for extra vertical space (- i.e., over and 
above the default margins).

[1] div.mixedblock p,
     div.mixedblock ol,
     div.mixedblock ul,
     etc ...
       {margin-top:0; margin-bottom:0;}

Best regards,

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