[Pmwiki-users] Newbie struggles with embedding pgm listings and cmd examples

Bruce Files BFILES
Wed Nov 3 07:23:09 CST 2004

I am very excited about using PmWiki (currently version 1.0.5) to build
a internal technical support knowledge base.

But I find myself continually struggling with something that should be
easy - embedding chunks of mono-spaced, plain-text program listings or
command examples.  I've gone over the Text Formatting Rules and the
other doc repeatedly, but I can't seem to find an easy way to do this.

Here is an example:

I have a single-line command example, I don't want it wrapped or
interpreted. Something like this:
- - - - 
1. Copy the sample files delivered with ClearCase into your os390
   copy "c:\program files\rational\clearcase\samples\*.*"
2. Create a file called stunnel.conf that contains the following
- - - - 

I tried coding this all sorts of ways, but I found it nearly impossible
to (a) prevent the command example from wrapping and (b) preserve the
number context.

I wind up with code like this:
* Copy the sample files delivered with [=ClearCase=] into your
''[=os390=]'' folder:

->@@[=copy "c:\program files\rational\clearcase\samples\*.*"
* Create a file called '''stunnel.conf''' that contains the following

... but I've lost the numbering and the darned 'copy' command is still

I'm probably missing something simple and will be grateful to anyone
who can set me straight.

Bruce Files

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