[Pmwiki-users] Extracting groupheader as a separate formatting item

James S. Carlson j
Mon Nov 1 17:41:47 CST 2004

Hi there,

I'd like to achieve two goals:
1. I'd like to not render a sidebar if there isn't one in a group-- in
other words, in the template for the site, say something like:

if (Group.SideBar) {
<div id="sidebar"><!--wiki:$Group.SideBar-->

2. I'd like to make GroupHeader a separate item in my templates, rather
than having it just spat out by <!--PageText-->
This would allow something like:
<div id="groupheader"><!--wiki:$Group.GroupHeader--></div>
and special formatting.

The second one is more important and hopefully easier, I can live without
the first one for now.

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