[Pmwiki-users] password problems

Steven Leite steven_leite
Tue May 11 23:55:04 CDT 2004

> This happens when PHP hasn't been installed as an Apache module (i.e.,
> if PHP is part of a CGI script).  Try switching to using session-based
> authentication -- i.e.,
>    include_once('scripts/sessionauth.php');
> Because of the number of times this has popped up recently I'm
> about having PmWiki default to using session-based authentication if
> detects that it's running as a CGI script (can be overriden by an
> $EnableSessionAuth variable, of course).

I like it.  Also consider many installs are on Win32 platform.  I've
been testing cgi scripts on Win32 for years, but never with Apache.
I've always used other (lighter, simpler, easier to install, less to go
wrong) servers like OmniHTTPD, and a few others.

> Any comments?

My vote is yes!


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