[Pmwiki-users] Single-Word WikiWords

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Tue May 4 12:39:13 CDT 2004

I can come up with an easy way to automatically convert "Group.Name"
and "Group/Name" into links, but I suspect that's not exactly what you're 
looking for.

To rephrase your question -- are you looking for a method such that 
single-word pagenames are automatically converted to a link if a 
page by that name already exists?  I.e., if I have pages named "Java", 
"PHP", and "Perl", and I write the text

   Dr. Patrick R. Michaud taught a course covering Perl and PHP.

then "Perl" and "PHP" would be links to the corresponding pages (because
they exist), while "Dr", "Patrick", and "Michaud" would be left alone?

I might be able to build something like this.  OTOH, it may significantly
slow down the processing/formatting of pages, since every capitalized 
word would have to be checked to determine if there's a page of the same name.

Let me know.


On Tue, May 04, 2004 at 01:58:25PM -0400, Michael_Paulukonis at divintech.com wrote:
>    I'm  a  very  new  user/admin of PmWiki, just having installed it last
>    week.  Despite  my  preliminary  flailings about, several others in my
>    department  are  already  quite  interested  and  building  pages! But
>    they've  brought up some issues that I'm researching--one of which I'm
>    completely  failing  to  find  any  answers  to  in  the  archives  or
>    elsewhere.
>    To use a single-word  as a WikiWord we have to use a free link. But is
>    there  any way to make future occurences of that Word (now existing as
>    Foo.Page)  automatically link to the page, instead of having the admin
>    or  others  edit  it  in? Or, by extension, have any set series string
>    link to a particular page. PhpGiggle
>    (http://www.biermana.org/index.php?p=12)  provides a system to convert
>    particular  strings/words  to  embedded links (<a href="foo">...</a>),
>    but  that  isn't exactly what we need for the PmWiki set up. The other
>    users  just  don't want to type extra markup every time they enter the
>    words  "Java"  "Perl"  or  "Jython"....Nor  am  I  keen on the idea of
>    patrolling the RecentChanges & fixing the markups each morning.
>    Is  their  a  "plug-in"  include,  or  some  system variables that I'm
>    overlooking?
>    Great system!
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>    Technical Support Specialist
>    Diversified Information Technologies
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