[Pmwiki-users] Less clunky Edit Page

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Tue May 4 11:39:16 CDT 2004

On Tue, May 04, 2004 at 09:24:52AM -0700, Ted Stern wrote:
> He is used to, e.g., Yahoo Message Boards, where you enter text, hit Return
> and you're done.
> [...]
>  - Below Author would come the Text entry, still pretty much as it is now, but
>    only until the user first hits Enter.

Just curious--if "Enter" is used to mean "submit page", how does one 
create paragraphs or blank lines in the text?   Or did you mean something
besides the "Enter" key on the keyboard here?

Also, I think that entering a new message (e.g., to a message board such
as Yahoo Message Boards) is a fundamentally different operation from editing
a page that already has text on it.  

I suspect that you (or your user) is looking for something more along
the lines of an "add comment" feature, where new contributions are
appended to an existing page and the previous text is left alone (e.g.,
like a message board).  I'm currently working on a plugin for this
capability, and here the editing process can indeed be made simpler
than editing the text of an existing page (because you aren't editing
text, just appending to it).

Or am I misreading something?

Also, I'm not a fan of requiring a preview-before-save--while this may help
new users, it may get annoying for experienced users, or for people who are
only doing a minor edit.  I hardly ever use the preview feature, myself.


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