[Pmwiki-users] 2.0 - Authorsignature

Thomas -Balu- Walter list+pmwiki-users
Thu Jun 17 03:32:52 CDT 2004

Nice to see that in 2.0 the authorsignature was added as ~~~~ (even
though I am used to ~~~ ;).

Is there a chance to have a different replacement for ~~~~ at the end of
the line or the beginning and middle?

E.g. In discussions I like to use a more chatty style:

        [[~Balu]]: This opinion is mine.
        [[~SOelse]]: But it is wrong.

While putting it at the end of a line should be replaced as it just is.

I'd also like the ~~~~ to be replaced on save and not on preview
already. I'm using a colleagues box quite often and on first preview I
keep forgetting to change his author box.

-- Balu
PS: The format of the replacement is stored in variables I guess, so I
can add "bold" e.g.? :)

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