[Pmwiki-users] Re-entering passwords in PmWiki

Verena Becker verena.becker
Fri Jul 23 10:56:11 CDT 2004

Hallo list members!

I've got a question concerning password handling in PmWiki. I require
passwords for a group, for all 4 actions a separate one. It works fine!
However, there is one problem left: When a user enters the password for
reading the pages of the group and then wants to edit a page, he has to
enter the edit password additionally. That's okay. But when he has finished
editing and then clicks on 'Save' he is prompted for the read password
again, although he already entered that password at the beginning of
browsing the wiki. Is that a wanted effect or am I doing anything wrong? If
it is not wanted but only didn't came up yet, I would propose to fix that.

Thanks a lot everybody! PmWiki is great!

Verena Becker.

Sybit GmbH, Waldstra?e 28, D-78315 Radolfzell
<mailto:verena.becker at sybit.de>
Sybit - a bit better

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