[Pmwiki-users] Another interlink-pattern issue

John Rankin john.rankin
Sun Jan 11 15:44:45 CST 2004


> > Do these have || or just | -- might it be possible to allow | in a URI
> > but treat || as a table delimiter?
> Not easily with the current setup.  It's fairly hard to craft patterns
> that allow single characters but exclude repeated ones.  I think I'd
> prefer the "null character" approach where something terminates the URL
> without introducing extra markup.

I know :-( I've been trying to define a pattern for a path that allows '.' 
but not '..'. In the end I decided to work around it in another way. It's 
kind of strange that regexps don't (AFAIK) have a 'not' operator.

Well you could try


which should be a dot followed by not a dot.



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