[Pmwiki-users] An idea before I forget: Search form in the search results page

Christian Ridderström chr
Thu Jan 8 04:31:21 CST 2004

On Tue, 6 Jan 2004, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> I don't remember exactly why I didn't put a search form on the search
> results page, but I think I had a reason at the time.  At any rate, it's
> easy to add--just set $PageSearchFmt in local.php to include a search 
> from.  I tried the following on pmichaud.com and it worked:
> $PageSearchFmt = "<h1>\$WikiImg $[Search Results]</h1>
>   <form action='\$PageUrl' method='get'><input 
>   type='hidden' name='action' value='search' /><input type='text'
>   name='text' value='$text' size='40' /><input type='submit'
>   value='$[Search]' /></form>
>   $[SearchFor]
>   <p /><dl>\$MatchList</dl>
>   <p />$[SearchFound]
>   <hr /><small>
>   <a href='\$ScriptUrl/$[PmWiki/WikiHelp]'>$[WikiHelp]</a> -
>   <a href='\$ScriptUrl/$[Main/SearchWiki]'>$[SearchWiki]</a><br />
>   $[Search performed on \$LastModified]</small>";
> This is the same as the normal $PageSearchFmt string except it
> adds the <form ...>...</form> to prompt for a new search in the
> search results.

Thanks, I'm using it now and it works well. If you like I could copy the 
above (and the related stuff about setting the focus) to a cookbook page. 
However, IMO this should be a part of the standard distribution, at least 
as something you can enable like this:

	$EnableSearchFormInSearchPage = 1;

That reminds me... from the perspective of someone who searches 
pmichaud.com quite often, I really miss not having a search form 
easily available (in the header or the footer). A similar enable-variable 
for this could be called:

	$EnableSearchFormInHeaders = 1;


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