[Pmwiki-users] Caching

evan@wikitravel.org evan
Sun Aug 22 14:41:53 CDT 2004

Albi said:

> > I used the FourOhFourCache recipe from the cookbook
> > and the page that I want to cache gets  written in the
> > cache directory.  However, I lose all the links that
> We had problems with this tool too.

Hey, so, I could really use feedback on this stuff. I don't read
pmwiki-users very often, so please at least CC me on bug reports.

The most common problem with the 404-caching tool is that people don't
change their templates as described in the README and on the Cookbook page.
If you don't change your template, actions (like editing or history) won't

There's not much I can do about this (except maybe ask Pm to change the
default template to use format needed by the 404-caching handler). You
really need to change your templates, or it just won't work!


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