[Pmwiki-users] Another quirk I just found

Ciaran ciaranj
Tue Aug 17 08:38:37 CDT 2004

Could you not just use str_replace replacing all strings which are " "
with empty strings "" ?      in regex terms I think  its something
like s/ //  but I'm totally new to regex so I'm probably wrong ;)
- ciara 


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I know this is going to be an easy fix, but I'm not sure how to do it.
 I'm not familiar enough with Regular Expressions.


I have the following command in a dynamic file: 


echo ("<p class=\"narrow\" align=\"center\">Are we missing something
important?  Do you know something about this county that you wish to
share?<br><a href=\"http://www.democracyforwashington.com/pmwiki-1.0.5/pmwiki.php?pagename=Main.".$countyname."County\">Add
it to the ".$countyname." County Wiki page!</a></p>");


This works great, except when the county name has a space in it, like
"Grays Harbor".  I think the space is what makes it fail.  What can I
do to take that space out?  The data is pulling from an array, called


$countyname = $county[$filename-1][name]; 


Any ideas? 


Here is the County Map page: 




And each of the resulting pages has a link to the wiki on the bottom. 
If you go to Grays Harbor or Pend Orielle, you can see the problem.


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