[Pmwiki-users] Several Questions from newbie

Weirong Zhu weirong
Mon Aug 9 21:06:22 CDT 2004

I have search in the documents but can not find the answer for those questions.

1.  How to rename a existing wiki page?
     For example, I create a wiki page called "Homepage",  and I have
put a lot of contents to it. Late I want to change the name of wiki
page to "HomePage". How can I do this? In UseMod, there is functions
for renaming page.

2. How to scale a image due to percentage?
In the documents: you can use %height=50%img link%% to scale the
image. The number 50 is the number of pixels. But I think use the
number of pixels is not a good idea. Is that possible to use
percentage? I have tried, but it seems does not work.  Any idea for


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