[Pmwiki-users] Usage suggestions?

Chick Foxgrover cflists
Wed Aug 4 07:55:01 CDT 2004

--On Tuesday, August 3, 2004 15:40 -0400 "J. Perkins" <jason at sim8.com> 

> Chick Foxgrover wrote:
>> This is what I was asking about using groups. Aside from trails what
>> I'm  having trouble figuring out is if it is possible to create
>> hierarchies  or nested groups that can then be navigated as such and
>> created as such.  Conceptually like creating a page with
>> Group.GroupLevel1.GroupLevel2. Or  how does one establish a Group
>> root or home page that can be navigated  to from a subordinate page.
>> What I'm not sure about is whether this  possible, or even desirable
>> from a wiki philosophy standpoint.
> If you want to try out nested pages and see if they are worth the
> effort, grab my code from here:
>    http://www.sim8.com/Wix/
> It doesn't have nearly the features of pmwiki but it will let you
> edit pages and other basics. Installation isn't documented, but the
> process is basically the same as pmwiki. As I've mentioned before, my
> plan is to push this back into pmwiki, if life would ever just let up
> a little -- hoping that j meijer's patch will the dead-end I hit on
> my last attempt.
> Jason

Thanks very much. Indeed for now this may be the ticket for me so I 
really appreciate it. My situation is perhaps different than many in 
that it will probably be some time before I would get most of my users 
to learn much about wiki syntax and
I need to set up editable pages for instructions, projects, and 
discussions in a structured way in order to present them. Ciaran kindly 
directed me to the discussion archives (gmane is incredible!) and so I 
have read a bit of the ongoing discussions on this issue and certainly 
don't want to get in the way of the far more knowledgeable in the 

I would just say that as a newbie approaching pmwiki, groups seems to 
me to actually indicate or promise a hierarchical system and then quash 
the concept as soon as you try and figure it out. I DO understand the 
reasons and see that if I had dug deeper to see it more as a mechanism 
regarding rights etc rather than structured organization I would have 
known better. I just wonder how many others first understood groups in 
this way.  That said, I really like pmwiki, will support it, and look 
forward to it's development and the incorporation of your code. I 
suppose it is MUCH too early to know if wix pages will migrate to an 
eventual pmwiki build... well I'll be using both for now I expect.

Thanks again

Chick Foxgrover

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