[Pmwiki-users] Need some help with multiple wikis

John Feezell johnfeezell
Tue Oct 28 08:41:12 CST 2003

I'm in the process of setting up multiple wikis.

I've read and studied the following two items:
and understand the instructions for the setups.

However, before I attempt to complete the setup I have a few questions.

It appears to me that both of these approaches would limit the individual 
wikis to use of only a "pagename" for new pages since the "group" would 
contain the specifications for the wiki.

Is my understanding of this correct?  If not, what am I missing?

If my understanding is correct, is there an alternative setup that could 
allow for a common use of pmwiki.php with alternate access to a wiki.d for 
each site?

And last, anyone running multiple wikis using either of the above setups 
who would be will to provide me with a URL so I could see how they work in 
"real life?"



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