[Pmwiki-users] Intermap for ISBN

Kenneth P. Turvey kt
Fri Oct 24 21:53:17 CDT 2003

Does anyone have a good intermap entry for ISBN?  The Amazon one doesn't seem 
to work anymore.  When I actually tried searching on ISBN on Amazon, that 
doesn't seem to work anymore either.  

Barnes and Noble does work, but they have some kind of strangeness in how they 
are determining the URL that I don't think will work generally.  When I did a 
search on an ISBN of a textbook it ended up having the word "textbook" in the 
URL.  I tried parsing the source for the search page, but that wasn't useful.  
The intermap on the main PmWiki site has not been updated.  I'm not sure if 
this is a new problem (Amazon just changed their searches to allow full text 
searches of books) or if it has existed for some time. 

Kenneth P. Turvey <kt at squeakydolphin.com>

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