[Pmwiki-users] Pre-formatted text hook?

J. Perkins jason
Thu Oct 9 16:21:07 CDT 2003

I was wondering if it would be possible to add a hook for extending the 
preformatted text syntax [= ... =], something along the lines of what I 
did for the "beautifier" plugin? There, I look at the text immediately 
following the opening brace, so

  [=cpp ... =]

means a block of preformatted C++ code. Currently, it is necessary to 
modify the PrintText() function in pmwiki.php. Is there any possibility 
of creating an official mechanism for this sort of thing? What is needed 
is a way to register a handler for a particular type of preformatted 
text, which would be called with the enclosed text. The handler would 
return a new block of text that would be placed into the "$kpv" array.

Feel free to recommend a new markup, I just did what was easiest.

Thanks! And as always keep up the great work!


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