[Pmwiki-users] Passwords...

Gloom state of mind gloom
Wed Oct 8 15:00:33 CDT 2003


I've set thoses passwords:

$DefaultPasswords['admin'] = 'Crypted password 1';
$DefaultPasswords['attr'] = 'Crypted password 1';
$DefaultPasswords['edit'] = 'Crypted password 2';

But no login nor passwords are asked to edit the pages.

I went into "ThisGroup:GroupAttributes?action=attr" to set passwords there,
and, a login and a passwords are asked to me, I use the passwords I've set*,
but it doesn't work.

By the way, I didn't find anywhere on the documentation what is the login to
use, I supose for admin it is admin and for attr it is attr . It would be
great to tel clearly on the documentation witch login to use.

So, what's wrong on what I do ?

*: I use admin as login and the Crypted password 1 as password (of course,
this is
not the password I use, that's for the exemple). As it doesn't work, I've
also tried attr ass login and Crypted password 1 as password and, as I said,
doesn't work too.

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