[Pmwiki-users] Re: redirect problem

Ted Stern stern+pmwiki
Fri Oct 3 10:46:31 CDT 2003

On 1 Oct 2003, J. R. Manes wrote:
> I just moved some of my wiki sites onto a new server, however when I did so,
> the .htaccess file containing:
> <Files wiki>
> SetHandler application/x-httpd-php
> </Files>
> Seems to no longer make the /wiki file act as a php file with the extension.
> It just shows the text of the file now as:
> <?php chdir("pmwiki/"); include("pmwiki.php"); ?>
> This server is running Apache 1.3.27 and PHP 4.3.3
> Any ideas?

I'm a pmwiki and apache newbie, but I've just discovered the following helpful

        /path/to/httpd -l

When I do this, I see

      Compiled in modules:

Hence, no PHP support, which means I need to lobby with a sysadmin.  Bummer.

Also check out the results of the -L and -V httpd options.

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