[Pmwiki-users] Automatic page table of contents with [[toc]]

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Sat Nov 29 20:03:20 CST 2003

I'm interested in creating a mini-toc for a wiki page but thus far have
been stymied about how it should handle embedded WikiWords and
formatting in the toc links (and, I've been working on a few other
development priorities).  If we can get consensus about how those
should be handled I'd be happy to take it further.


On Sunday, November 23, 2003, 2:42:27 PM, you wrote:

> There has been some discussion in the past about creating a mini-toc
> for a wiki page. 

> Are there any volunteers who want to take this further??

> We have been experimenting with this a bit for a couple of 
> the wikis we use and came up with:

> vanilla flavour
> ===============
> [[toc]], [[toc#]] or [[toc*]]
> produces a numbered or bulleted list of references to the 
> paragraph text following any ![[#anchors]] or :[[#anchors]]

> For example it includes

> !![[#anch01]]A heading

> Q:[[#anch01]]A question

> but not

> [[#top]]This page is about ...

> It uses styles to float the toc list to the right of the page.

> hokey-pokey flavour
> ===================
> It looks for markup like

> !!#A heading
> Q:#A question

> and turns the # into a [[#tocnn]] anchor

> [[toc]] then searches for !# or :#

> comment
> =======
> We thought of looking for !s and automatically inserting 
> anchors and toc entries, perhaps based on whatever ! comes 
> first. For example, if the first occurrence of ! markup is 
> !!, make a toc of any other !! occurrences, but not ! or !!!.

> The problem I see with this is what if an author inserts anchor
> markup manually. 

> Any thoughts on how a toc feature should work?

> I am happy to release this to the cookbook, but would like some
> volunteers to test it. We rely on other local customisations,
> for example to make sure it copes with

> !!#A WikiWord reference and '''very''' interesting idea

> So I have to pull together a collection of stuff that works
> with a standard pmwiki distribution.

> Regards
> JR

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