[Pmwiki-users] Unpassworded pages in passworded groups

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Sat Nov 29 16:29:31 CST 2003

Actually, there *is* a way to have unpassword protected pages or groups
within a password-protected set--simply set the password for the page
(or group) to be "nopass" and no password will be required.  This
feature was added in 0.5.7 but the documentation on PmWiki.Passwords
apparently hasn't been updated.


On Thursday, November 27, 2003, 4:31:08 PM, you wrote:

> Hi Robin,

>>Hey, just wondering (and I have RTFM:) if there is any way of having
>>unpassworded pages within passworded groups, or any likelihood of it
>>ending up in a near version? 

>>From PmWiki.Passwords and PmWiki.PasswordsAdmin:
> | ... At present there isn't any way to have a non-password protected page
> | within a password-protected group, or a non-password protected group with
> | a site-wide default password set.

> It would be handy to have, but not sure how high it rates on the list of
> development priorities.

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