[Pmwiki-users] Password Problems

Nathan Jones nathanj
Wed Nov 26 16:08:28 CST 2003

brandon at clevercoder.com wrote:
>Now that seems to work but even after setting the edit and attr passwords
>using http://clevercoder.com/index.php?action=attr , it still allows me
>to edit pages w/o a password.

If I go to http://clevercoder.com/index.php, then click Edit Pgae, it
prompts me for a password, indicating that it is working.

sessionauth.php creates a session so that you only have to enter the
password once (until the next time you start your browser).

The other thing to remember is that setting $DefaultPasswords['admin'] in
local.php gives you a password that overrides other passwords. That is,
if you enter your global admin password ("cat") now, you'll still have
access when you try to edit a page whose password is "dog". This may lead
you to think that password protection is failing, when in fact, you are
already authenticated.

Nathan Jones

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