[Pmwiki-users] deleting the pages : I don't understand

Jonathan Scott Duff duff
Tue Nov 25 07:30:23 CST 2003

On Tue, Nov 25, 2003 at 10:30:43AM +0100, Marc DROULEZ wrote:
> using Pmwiki, I tried to delete a page :
> I wrote "delete" on top of the page, erasing all the text.
> But the page was not deleted. It was just blanked, with the word "delete"
> wrote on top of it.

Are you *sure* there wasn't any other text on the page?  If the word
"delete" is preceeded or followed by any whitespace (spaces, tabs,
etc.) then it won't be deleted.

Also, this probably isn't the case, but I'll mention it anyway.  The
$DeleteKeyWord variable can be set to something other than "delete" in

> Is the only way of deleting a page is to delete the file ? (by deleting a
> page, I think exactly "erasing any trace of it / remove the file")
> Or is there any other way I haven't seen ?

If you wan't to eradicate all traces of the page, you have to remove
the file; otherwise they stick around so that they can be restored by
a WikiAdmin in the event of an errant or malicious deletion.

Jonathan Scott Duff
duff at lighthouse.tamucc.edu

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