[Pmwiki-users] include javascript in wiki page

mtra mtra
Sat Nov 22 19:00:20 CST 2003

I want to include Java script in wiki page. ie i want a random picture 
for each refresh.
after several search i've found nothing on 
I'm not a programmer but i try this and it works ! in local.php :
$ScriptPath = 'http://your.domain.com/pmwiki/jscript';
$jscript = array ( "/jscript:($UrlPathPattern)/" => "<script 
src='$ScriptPath/$1' type='text/javascript'></script>");
$InlineReplacements = array_merge_recursive ($InlineReplacements, 

create a myscript.js, then just insert jscript:myscript.js in wiki 
i'm looking for a better solution, any idea?



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