[Pmwiki-users] Mailposts not working

Edward Andrews edward
Tue Nov 18 06:46:09 CST 2003

I'm trying to get an email when my wiki is updated, using the mail post
script.  I've put

$EnableMailPosts=1;                   # to enable mailposts
$MailPostsTo="edward at aldreth.com";    # where to send mail notificati$
$MailPostsDelay=1800;                 # wait for initial post to age $
$MailPostsSquelch=7200;               # require at least two hours be$

into my local.php, as instructed, but it doesn't work.  It doesn't produce
any errors.  I've put it at the start of local.php because i've noticed in
the past that a silly mistake stops the rest of local.php working and this
isn't happening this time (i.e.it ia still working).

One thing I have wondered about is that I'm redirecting so I can hide
pmwiki.php in browsers' location bars.  Will this mean that local.php is
looking for scripts/mailposts.php under meeting, which is the placeholder
file, rather than under wiki, which is the directory that actually has
pmwiki in?

Or does anyone have other suggestions?



ps the wiki is here if you want to look: http://www.yorkquakers.org.uk/

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